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Free Electron Labs Home Page

Free Electron Labs is a consulting, contracting, and R&D firm owned by Mark Whitis. A copy of Mark's resume is availible.

Freelabs offers a wide range of capabilities including:

Mark is Coauthor of the Book Linux Programming Unleashed and a number of Software Packages Visit Mark's home page for more info.


Email: whitis@freelabs.com
Phone: +1-434-409-3210
107-A Piedmont Ave SOUTH
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Senior Engineer for hire
Software Development - Electronic Design - Embedded Systems - Device Drivers - System/Network Administration and Security - Motor Control, RobotCNC - Linux/Un*x - 25+ years experience
The author of these pages is looking for a new gig.

Engineers and electronic hobbyists: The new Open Symbol Project is creating open schematic symbols and PCB footprints for a variety of different CAD packages.

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